Four Winds / Borg

Blódberg is an international collaboration between Four Winds and Borg Brugghús (an Icelandic brewery originally named after a viking). This Nordic Saison was inspired by the wild countryside of Iceland. Brewed with arctic thyme and aged in an oak foeder with Keremeos plums and wild yeast. I was particularly excited to try this collaboration as Borg Brugghús are renowned for their unique brewing methods. Take for example their ‘Fenrir Nr 26’, an IPA that has been smoked over a sheep-manure fire (apparently in the traditional Icelandic way!)

Borg Brugghús have brought some quirky aspects to this beer and it’s very different from other beers that Four Winds are brewing right now. Surprisingly complex for a beer with a 5.5% ABV, Blódberg is rich with stone fruits like plums and cherries. The Icelandic influence shows through with peppery citrus notes from the thyme accompanied by aromas of oak and Scandinavian wood. There’s a lot going on but it’s also well balanced, refreshing and extremely drinkable. Delicious stuff!

Tasting Notes

Pours a cloudy nut brown with mild carbonation and a powdery head. Nose is stone fruit, plums, cherries (kirsch?), sticky figs, brett, earthy and herbaceous, Faint traces of oak and mahogany. Taste is sour, sticky dates, dried prunes, peppery citrus, a little yeast. Finish is dry and lingering.

Will I like it?

If you’re into either saisons or sours you’ll probably love this. There’s a richness and complexity to this beer that also will likely appeal to fans of Trappist ales and Belgian dubbels. Being a saison, Blódberg will naturally accompany a range of foods. Try pairing with soft creamy cheeses or charcuterie. The sweet, fruity, herby flavours of the beer will play nicely there.