Rhythm Section

Dageraad / Upright

One of the great joys of jazz music is the various layers by which it can be appreciated. Jazz comprises a series of improvisations played one at a time by each musician. The solos are accompanied by a chord progression played by the other members in the group, referred to as the rhythm section. If you listen carefully to the improvisations you can get a sense for the stories that are being told by each musician. Yet you can also just as easily sit back and let the music wash over you, and in doing so experience something that becomes much greater than the sum of its parts.

Rhythm Section is a saison brewed with spices in collaboration between Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing and Portland’s Upright Brewing. In the same way that a concept album is crafted around a central theme, Rhythm Section could easily be seen as a ‘concept beer’. The label design is a nod to the iconic album covers synonymous with record companies such as Verve and Blue Note, while the accompanying description suggests pairing this beer with ‘Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section’, a classic jazz album from 1957. Interestingly, according to Art Pepper, that particular album was recorded under enormous pressure, as he only learned of the recording session the morning he was due in the studio. He had also never met the other musicians, all of whom he greatly admired.

So how does the beer perform? Rhythm Section features notes of citrus, spice and coriander, each bringing its own quality to the table but in harmony with one another. Dageraad and Upright have orchestrated a complex saison that is also well balanced and sessionable.

Tasting Notes

Pours a hazy pale orange with a formidable head. Aroma is fresh citrus, apricot, yeast, five spice. Taste is zesty and effervescent, nectarine, lemon zest, white pepper, coriander, fennel, star anise. Dry finish. Very drinkable.

Will I like it?

Rhythm Section will likely appeal to most saison drinkers. It’s dry, refreshing qualities make it a great table beer to accompany food. Try pairing this with soft cheeses, shellfish, or lightly spiced southeast asian or middle-eastern dishes.