Two Straws with Guava

Twin Sails

Milkshake IPAs originally began as a trend but have quickly established their own beer style. It was inevitable though, given the industry’s fascination with the IPA and the countless sub-varieties that evolved from it. The humble British-style India Pale Ale has inspired countless variations that include Double IPAs, Triple IPAs, Wild IPAs, Belgian-style ones, American-style ones with East and West Coast variations, Rye IPAs, easy-drinking ‘Session IPAs’, Black and white versions... The list goes on!

So what defines this latest addition to the IPA family? The key is in the addition of lactose (milk sugar), which lends milkshake IPAs a thick, milky, sweet quality. Similar to what you would get with an actual milkshake. The style generally exhibits a thicker mouthfeel and heavier body than your regular IPA, often accompanied by fruity flavours such as strawberry, peach, orange, mango, lychee and key lime to name just a few. Milkshake IPAs can also exhibit non-fruity flavours like coconut milk, vanilla or even pumpkin spiced latte. They can also be a little weird (egg waffles and maple syrup anyone?)

Two Straws is part of a series of milkshake IPAs that Twin Sails have been steadily releasing in one-off batches over the past few years. Past releases have included peach, mango, pineapple and vanilla versions. Two Straws with Guava was made with over 700 lbs of pink guava purée before being double dry hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops. The outcome is an unsurprisingly fruity concoction, sweet and tart but also hoppy and refreshing. Two Straws with Guava is an admirable addition to one of the most exciting beer styles right now.

Tasting Notes

Pours light golden orange with a soft fluffy head that dissipates quickly. Aroma is an instant hit of guava, followed by notes of papaya, lime and pine resin. Taste is sweet tropical fruit, guava candy and grapefruit. A little tart with a bready biscuity finish.

Will I like it?

If you’re new to this type of beer then Two Straws is a good place to start. However, do note that this one might also be a little too sweet and fruity for some IPA fans. You could try pairing Two Straws with food but this style of beer is also great to enjoy by itself, so as to appreciate all those fruity flavours.

Milkshake IPA