Numbskull is an intensely-hoppy double IPA (also often referred to as an Imperial IPA) brewed with Vienna and Pale malts and Columbus, Simcoe and Azacca hops.

Double IPAs always take me back to my youth… not that I was knocking back beer as an eight year old, but I was knocking back plenty of orange squash. My mum would pour me a glass of squash when I got home from school, carefully measuring out one part juice concentrate and five parts water. I loved it. Sweet, thirst quenching, kind of how I enjoy a good IPA today. I would crave that sweetness. Then when my parents weren't around I would mix a monstrosity of an orange squash concoction with a whopping four parts juice concentrate and a measly one part water. My first few gulps were great. I had discovered juice nirvana. But then it soon became sickly sweet and too much. For me, Double IPAs remind me of that over-indulgent orange squash; great for the first half of a glass, but then becoming a serious challenge to finish.

So how did the first half go down...

Tasting Notes

Pretty great actually. Numbskull pours a lovely burnt orange with a frothy head of foam that sticks around. Nose is orange candy, grapefruit and pineapple, soft, biscuity and malty. Taste is hop-heavy, bitter-sweet, tangy citrus fruits and Orangina. Very boozy but enjoyable.

Double IPA